Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Watermelon Infused Tequila

Watermelon Infused Tequila

So, you may have recently seen my  watermelon, feta, and mint salad with lime vinaigrette and you're thinking, "Watermelon, yet again." But who can turn down the idea of FRESH watermelon margaritas just in time for the 4th of July? Certainly not this girl. This is an easy recipe and an exciting treat to bring to a 4th of July party.

1 750 ml bottle of white or silver 100% agave tequila
1/4 of a large watermelon cubed
1 sealable bottle (this one is from the Container Store and approximately $6.00)

1) Wash and dry container.
2) Add watermelon and fill container with tequilla, approximately 2 inches above the watermelon.
3) Infuse for 2 days - 1 week at room temperature
4) After infused, can be kept in the fridge

Watermelon Margaritas
3 oz watermelon infused tequilla
1/2 lime, juiced
2 tablespoons Grand Marnier or Cointreau (or other triple sec)

Add ingredients over ice and shake. Pour and serve. Yum!


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  1. It looks yummy! xx Maylis