Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Island Instagram

...still away until next Sunday. Come follow us on instagram at "DittyandSugar".

Friday, May 24, 2013

To the Islands

Restaurant "Sip Sip" on Harbor Island 

This weekend Ditty and I travel to the pink sand beaches of Harbour Island, Bahamas. Stay tuned for island style and follow us on instagram at "Dittyandsugar" for updates! 

Have a lovely memorial day weekend. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ultimate Veggie Pita

Doesn't it make you happy when you enjoy eating something that is good for you? For me, that category is limited to avocados, raspberries, occasionally bananas, and this sandwich. This pita is jammed packed with vitamins, a fresh veggie crunch, & has that sandwich (not salad) taste with a tangy spicy mustard & mayo.


Green Peppers
Avacado (optional)
1/2 whole wheat pita
spicy brown mustard
mayo (optional)
cheese (optional)
sea salt & cracked black pepper


1) slice tomatoes, slice cucumber lengthwise, into quartered spheres, slice green peppers, chop onions, and cut avacado.

2) Spread the spicy brown mustard with a knife onto inside of 1/2 pita. Similarly spread optional mayo.

3) Gently assemble the veggies into the pita. Pitas are often fragile, so try the heavier flat veggies on the bottom.


Monday, May 20, 2013

Spring Showers

Spring Showers

Spring Rain? No problem. 


1) Orange Stripe Umbrella
2) Coach Coat 
3) J Brand Jeans
4) Tory Burch Jelly Flats
5) Burberry Cropped Hooded Parka
6) Poppy Print Umbrella
7) Madewell Chambray Shirt
8) Burberry Rain Boots

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Healthy Broccoli + Cheese Soup

This soup is packed with filling fiber, calcium, and vitamins & topped with a mix of fresh cheddar and parmesan cheese. It is a good meal on it's own and a great addition to a half sandwich, or dinner appetizer to curb an appetite.

Fresh Broccoli (or frozen florets)
3 cloves of garlic
½ cup of skim milk (optional)
Your cheese of choice (fresh parm, shredded cheddar)
salt + pepper
Approximately 10 oz. Chicken Stock

Get cooking:

1. If using fresh broccoli, chop the broccoli into florets.

2.  Add the broccoli and garlic cloves to a pot. Fill with just enough chicken stock so that the broccoli floats. Less is more when it comes to this recipe - the broccoli loses vitamins when it boils, so we want to use all of the vitamin rich chicken broth to make the soup without watering it down. 

3. Cook for 10 minutes or until the broccoli is tender. 

4. Carefully transfer the hot broccoli and chicken broth to a blender, filling it 75% full. Hold the lid securely while you blend. 

5. Add the milk as needed to reach a smooth creamy consistency. 

6. Add salt, pepper, and a modest amount of cheese. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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