Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Etsy Gems

Etsy Gems

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Hello sunshines, 

It seems like those gently hot fun summer days have come to an abrupt end. Just this week, we're entering summer phase II - deep summer heat. In DC we're feeling an anything-but-balmy mid-90's and maximum humidity. At this temperature, sweat is inevitable. To stay moderately comfortable, I rely on all white, gladiators, and amp up the accessories. Here are some J. Crew inspired selections and other favorites from Etsy... all under $30. 

1. J. Crew inspired necklace
2. J. Crew inspired necklace
3. J. Crew inspired necklace
4. Knuckle rings
5. Wrap bracelets
6. Chanel inspired wall art


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  1. I love 1 & 3! It's so cool that Etsy has so many J Crew inspired pieces. Most of them are super trendy so I'm always a little hesitant to shell out $150+.

    Chelsea & The City