Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Travel To: Amelia Island, FL

We grew up going to the beach in Amelia Island, FL. It's serene. Even driving in Amelia is tranquil with gently curving roads shaded by arching tree canopies and spanish moss. The beach scenery is soft, muted, and watercolored. In addition to the beach is an assortment of well groomed golf courses. Golfing, a casual tennis game, or run on the beach is as active Amelia Island gets. The private and slow nature is perfect for authentic peace and quiet & curling up with a good book under an umbrella.

Best for: Couples, Spa Weekend, Families with small children

Getting there: fly to Jacksonville, FL and rent a car. 30 minute drive. 

Where to have a fancy dinner: Salt

Hole in the wall to find salty dogs and great oysters: Shuckers

Best breakfast: Ritz sticky walnut cinnamon buns

Best dining on the island: Gourmet Gourmet (for lunch)

What to do: beach, kayak, ride bikes, tennis, sit out under the stars sipping cocktails at the Ritz fire pit,  a massage at the Ritz 

Happy Wednesday. 

With love,
 Ditty and Sugar


  1. So beautiful! I'm scared to ask what a beach jacuzzi is...


    Kristina does the Internets

    1. Hah, Kristina! Not quite as glamorous as it sounds - you dig a giant hole in the sand close to the ocean. After you hit water you sit in it. Voila -beach jacuzzi!


  2. Gorgeous pictures! Looks like such a great place!