Thursday, December 6, 2012

Martha Stewart Belgium Chocolate Toffee

There are small things you can do at home to dial into the holidays. I'm a nibbling little house mouse flannel wearing snack-rat so I welcome any excuse to keep candies, belgium chocolates, spiced nuts, cheeses, etc. readily available. A personal favorite household nibbler is toffee. When my thoughtful former roommate Abby went home to Colorado, she would bring back addictive Colorado toffee. We'd break it into pieces and leave it in the freezer for a quick treat.

This toffee recipe from Martha Stewart is equally as irresistable. It yields 2 lbs of toffee which can be frozen (and yes, you too can sneak late night pieces from the freezer) or used as a holiday gift to fatten up unloved ones and frienemies.

Caution: the KEY is to be patient. The recipe calls for 30 minutes of stirring, and as the reviews indicate, it is actually 45. I was a bit too excited to make this and neglected to read the reviews until something went wrong: I stopped after 40 minutes and the toffee didn't fully harden. Be prepared to stir for 45 minutes straight. It's high maintenance, but you'll be sweetly rewarded.

xo Ashley

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