Thursday, January 3, 2013

Travel To: Hikers' Paradise - Sedona, AZ

I spent this holiday with my boyfriend and his lovely family traveling in Arizona and Nevada. One point of interest was Sedona, AZ. The natural beauty is stunning with rich red rocks and endless hiking trails. The hikes are equip for a variety of hikers from the most experienced granola crunchers to grandmas and dads with baby joggers. The town is a bit of a tourist trap, comprising of a strip of trinket stores and restaurants- but there are some gems off the beaten path. (listed below)

Travel: fly into Las Vegas - 4 hour drive

What to do during the day: Hike! Hike! Hike!

Night owls: hang with your comrades and try night hot tubbing (we saw a bobcat), beers, & cards (we played Monopoly Deal)

Where to fine dine: Cowboy Club. Outstanding food and warm atmosphere. Make sure to try to cactus fries, ribs, and pot pie.

Best shop: The Hummingbird House

Best Hike: Bell Mountain

What to skip: the "vineyards". "Sedona" sounds like "Senoma" but don't be persuaded.

For next time: helicopter ride ($80 per person)

Remember to pack: Northface fleece, hiking shoes

xo, Ashley 

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