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Travel To: Harbour Island, Bahamas

Travel To: Harbour Island, Bahamas

Balcony from the House

Wooden chairs for relaxing

Conch shells

Pink sand beaches

Island chicken

Island dog

Island artwork

Up close

Boys on Bikes

Queen Conch for conch salad

Island flowers

Old boats

Gusty's Bar with a sand floor - dress code: Decent

Beach access path


Island road signs

Mirrors for tight corners

Famous lone tree

Puddle hopper flight

Harbour Island, Bahamas an island juxtaposed with local island life, gorgeous oceanfront homes, and handfuls of tourists. The island itself is approximately 3 miles by 2 miles and is renowned for its one of a kind pink sand beaches. As you'd expect on a tropical vacation, it's fully equip with island-fun activities including snorkeling, diving, and fishing.

The landscape is a mix of wild chickens and cats, boutique hotels, an abundance of tennis courts, local shops and food shacks, and white chipped paint picket fences. In one word: charming. There are some cars on the island, although the overwhelming locomotive choice is the golf cart which is easy to rent upon arrival. Not to mention incredibly fun to drive.

One unique aspect of Harbour Island is the flourishing local life.  Many islands focus on the appeal of tropical scenery; here however, local life is embraced as part of the main attraction. It's not uncommon to ride pass uniformed children on the elementary school playground while driving a golf cart to a boozy lunch at Sip Sip. Or have breakfast with yesterday's snorkeling guide at Arthur's Bakery.

Great for: Groups looking to rent houses or couples looking for romance and adventure (couples recommendation: The Rockhouse)

Getting there: Fly into North Eluthra, Bahamas. From there take a 10 minute taxi to the ferry boats. Board a ferry boat for a 10 minute ride to the island.

Best lunch: Sip Sip

Best Cocktail: Sky Juice at Sip Sip, all Cocktails at the Rockhouse

Best Dinner: The Landing

Must try: fresh conch salad from queen conch

Strongest Drink on the Island: Ramora Bay Marina

Best local bars - Gusty's and the Viccum

Best boutique: Pink Sands Hotel Boutique

Beware: Island life is costly for locals and tourists alike. Casual restaurants are easily $30 a head, and purchasing groceries is noticeably more expensive.

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