Thursday, April 25, 2013

Travel To: Tiomen Island, Malaysia

Tioman Island, Malaysia Map

Relaxing on the balcony of our hut

A friend, an ipod, a hammock 

Our hut and the island

Tiomen Island is an island in the blue-green waters of the South China Sea. It's no-fuss, secluded, peaceful, and affordable (see the open- air hut pictured above). The luscious green island is a place to laze around and soak in nature's beauty. Snorkeling is second to none. The aquatic life is vibrant and filled with colorful, fearless, little fish - who are not afraid to steal bread from your fingers, or nibble your fingers, the little bastards. The island is quiet and low maintenance, adorned with island kitties.

Ideal for: swaying in a hammock between palm trees.

Getting there: by a ferry from Mersing, Malaysia. (There is also a small airport on the island)

Dining - Seafood galore. The island is authentic, boasting my all time favorite seafood dish - a spiced crab dish called, "Chili Crab."


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