Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Travel to: Monte Carlo, Monaco

The Casino

Flower on a vine 

The shoreline
*Historical note - the port of Monaco is first mentioned in historical records as early as 43 BC

Luxurious cars and windy roads

Mc Donald's and the McBaguette 

Monte Carlo is a city of old world luxury. The city has provided scenery for two James Bond films and was once filled with tuxedos and formal gowns. To date it's filled with jean clad tourists admiring aged buildings and imagining the former glamour. There's decent shopping and an abundance of expensive sports cars, however, other attractions are limited. Aside from the Palace, the best of Monaco is clustered in 4 square blocks and can all be done within a couple hours. We suggest a quick stop, maximum one overnight, then hit the road.

See: The Casino and Hotel de Paris

Lunch: on top of Hotel de Paris at Michelin-starred Le Grill. Alternatively, consider trying a fast food chain. We opted for the McBaguette at McDonalds.

Shop: same area

Tour: Prince's Palace of Monaco


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